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Mission. Inc. is an independent engineering research, development, design and innovation institute and a non-profit tax-exempt  charity.  It is incorporated in Iowa, USA, with work origins and a research prototyping facility  in the UK.  Its mission is to advance and advocate Sustainable Science and Engineering through creating innovative, knowledge-based added-value applications for presently under-used or misused natural resources.  Institute’s mission is to advance sustainability as a tool of (rather than a tax on) development via science and technology.


The institute’s main engineering expertise is in the field of  engineering science and computational mechanics, related advanced stress analysis and scientific software development.  Examples, including published work, are in the areas of nonlinear, elastic-plastic, finite element analysis of metal forming plasticity and powder compaction.


Institute’s founder and president is Ibrahim Al-Khattat.  He holds PhD and MS degrees in mechanical engineering (mechanics and computation) from Stanford University, a MS in applied mechanics from Kansas State University, USA and a BSc in civil/structural engineering from Cardiff University, UK.  His academic, professional and industrial experience span decades and continents as a researcher, consultant and educator.

Some LPSA-related publications

Environmentally Sustainable Structural Engineering, Global Thinking in Structural Engineering: Recent Achievements. IABSE Conference, Sharm El Sheikh, May 7-9, 2012. (Personal Note: This paper was accepted but not published in Conference Proceedings because Conference fees were not paid!!)

Light Prestressed Segmented Arch (LPSA) Bridges: a Demonstration of Sustainable Engineering, Structural Engineering International, Journal of IABSE (International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering), Vol. 18, No. 1, Feb 2008, pp 62-66.

Elements of a Sustainable Engineering Science, 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, American Academy of Sciences, Houston, TX, USA, August 2007.

Small Diameter Timber: the Ultimate Engineering Solution, Proc. Symposium on Small Diameter Timber: Resource Management, Manufacturing and Markets; Baumgartner, D. M. et al (Ed), Spokane, WA, USA, February 2002.  pp. 245-247.

The LPSA: an Inevitable Sustainable Technology, IABSE’s Innovative Wooden Structures and Bridges Conference, Lahti, Finland, August 2001.  pp. 379-384.

Background information collected for the benefit of participants in SSI’s one-day international seminar on the LPSA technology, held at the Oakdale Research Campus, University of Iowa on October 16. 1997.

        These papers explain the background theory of the LPSA system extended to particulate solids.


A Continuum and Finite Element Model for Compactable Particulate Solids.  Proc. European Engineering Research and Technology Transfer Congress, U.K., 1991.



Towards a Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Tablet Compaction", Chemical        Engineering Science, 42, No. 4, 1987, pp. 707-712.

The LPSA: Cheap High-Quality Building with Timber Logs.  Farm Building and Engineering Journal, (6) 2, 1989, pp. 42-43.

LPSA-related patent.

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